One Punch at a Time
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Melanie Anaya is one of the many boxers from the Coachella Boxing Club. She is 26 and the mother of a young daughter. At 4’10” she is a force of nature. Melanie, along with Chris Monroe, the Caballero brothers, and their father Marco, represent the hundreds of boxers that have benefited from the kindness, caring, and determination of Lee Espinosa.

The name Coachella is mostly associated with an annual music festival, legendary performers, and upscale events. However, it is also the name of a city that ranks as one of the ten poorest in California with personal income being the third lowest.

In a place where life can be especially tough, Lee Espinosa has channeled that toughness into building a community of boxers. At the Coachella Boxing Club people can get a start, they can improve their skills, or they can look for a second chance. Lee takes everyone who wants to try. He has been impacting lives one punch at a time.