Old Tea House
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20km away from the Chengdu City, China, I found an old tea house. This tea house located in the middle of a block of shop houses. This is a very special place to the local residents because this is the place where the young people were motivated to battle the Mao Zedong’s perceived enemies during the Chinese Cultural Revolution in the 1960s.

All the political and propaganda painting still remains intact today. The owner of the tea house has tried not to change anything inside the tea house. Every morning local residents, especial the old and retired ones, will begin to come into the tea house to socialize with their friends. Although most of them had gone through the suffering during the Cultural Revolution period, not one is interested in talking about it. They come here as a daily routine, to spend a couple of hours and enjoying a cup of inexpensive hot tea. This is a place they can relax, share their story or be alone.