Project info

In this project I reveal familiar and everyday objects found in individuals homes, which were once put to use but no longer essential, in spite of their fruitless aspect; we the owners accumulate them. Whether it is the very first chair you incorporated into your new office or it is baseball bats you once used to play with your now 23-year-old son.
Although these objects are used and worn out, we hold that they all posses some kind of spirit or life still within them, which prevents us from disposing of them. We somehow produced a connection with these objects and believe they still serve a purpose even if they are sitting in a dark corner of our homes becoming more and more useless as time goes by.
Most of these objects become forgotten as time passes, we glance at them every now and then but pay no full attention to them. They almost become part of the family, a family member which you do not speak with very often and once in a while call to make sure they are still alive. Ultimately having really no need for them.