Project info

Lightscapes is an attempt to explore light in its essence: the choice of long exposition to enable decomposition of the artificial light illuminating the scene represents an attempt to manipulate and fragment light during the duration of a shot. The duration is multiplied: every photograph is the result of 12 consecutive shots, assembled later in post-production. 4 seconds for any single shot, that multiplied with 12 results in 48 seconds.
An attempt to bring photography near to cinematic duration/length.
An extended time enabling the performance of an act inside the scene.
My presence is impressed in every single shot: with a flashlight in my hand I physically enter the frame illuminating part of the scene without myself being impressed/recorded…Only the light (is visible?).
The chosen spaces are generally places where nature dominates: human traces are present, but secondary. What interested me was to express the intrinsic energy of these places, through a light that does not illuminate but is an emanation of the natural elements.