Inner Stigma
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this photo essay notes the intimacy of the self. the sensitive self. deals with what is not seen, what is not shown. is about what we think we are, that hurts but makes us be. is about the body and the other part. is more about the other part.

º apathy º confine º punishment º body º silent º
º guilt º flaw º fear º shame º control º core º hold º

these were some of the words that appeared in my mind after deciding that this was the subject I wanted to address. the need to synthesize them arises into a title: inner stigma.

in·ner [in-er] /adj.
1. inside; towards or close to the center of a place.
2. (of feelings, etc.) private and secret; not expressed or shown to other people.

stig·ma [stig-muh] / noun
1. feelings of disapproval that people have about particular illnesses or ways of behaving.
2. (biology) the part in the middle of a flower where the pollen is received.

it exists everywhere, in everyone. the challenge was to print these feelings to the eyes. materializes them in to look. perceive the imperceptible. make inappropriate feelings, negative, unloved in existing things. what is always hidden, materialised in visible image. now exists. look there. see. take there strength. spend them watching. make them common, accepted them, touch them. trivializes them.

inner stigma, cunha pimentel, 2013