Calle 4 Sur (South Street Four)
Project info

"Calle 4 Sur (South Street Four)" focuses on the faces of the political revolution currently taking place in Colombia. When I was just three years old I left Calle 4 Sur, an urban neighborhood located in Colombia, with my mother in pursuit of a better life. As I lived my life here in the United States I was unaware of the political turmoil plaguing my country. At the age of 23 I began to travel to Colombia, at first as a means of reconnecting with my culture, but as time progressed I became fascinated with the political revolution brewing in the country. Throughout my trips I explored various parts of Colombia including Ibague, Cali, Bogota, and Medellin, with home base always being my grandmother's home located in Calle 4 Sur.
Through the eyes of my family I learned of the political issues occurring in Colombia and of the individuals looking to resolve them. This led me to photograph students, civilians, religious leaders, and radical protesters in an attempt to understand their approach to ending the political conflict in Colombia. While many believed education and religion were the key to peace, there were some like the Capuchos who felt like more radical actions were needed to provoke change. The Capuchos are revolutionists who organize protests throughout various college campuses in Colombia. Many of the Capuchos are students themselves and in protests they are often seen with their faces concealed. They conceal their faces for fear of not only expulsion from the school but prosecution from the police and the government.
In this body of work I utilize both black-and-white and color photography as a means to enrich the narrative of the series. My black-and-white photographs convey a sense of urgency and drama while my color photographs evoke a sense of hope for country, the government, and its people. With the recent re-election of Juan Manuel Santos as president of Colombia, this project will continue until peace is found.