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Impostor, according to the Merriam Webster dictionary of the English language, is one that assumes false identity or title for the purpose of deception.
Every inch of space around us is filled dotted with human attempts at interfering with it: improving it, embellishing it. These attempts are impostors: objects that pose as things that they are not:
- a window painted on the building facade;
- a gypsum roe deer hiding under the ferns in neighbour's garden;
- plastic grass lining the floor of summer gardens;
- blue paint pretending to be the sky.
Their origin is fascinating and, simultaneously, completely incomprehensible:
- can you open a painted window to take a breath of fresh air?
- will the gypsum roe deer perk its ears and run away seeing us?
- is walking barefoot on plastic grass pleasant?
- will blue paint sky ever get overcast?
Impostors is the searching for the natural in the artificial; showing the artificial posing as the natural.