Project info

'Silence' investigates the theories and intentions of sharing relationships with archival histories. After unearthing entry to a personal anthology of photographs I was captivated by the magnetism that lie encapsulated upon each printed memoir. Beside familial relatives, narratives led to flourished ideologies. Senses inspired by the histories told bestowed a compelling energy which companied me toward this study. Observations and realities led me to uncover depths of self-reflection.

Methodologies achieved within the observations of these relics existed profoundly and left behind a sense of spiritual and psychological enlightenment. Through portraits and ‘everyday snapshots’ lay discoveries in which had not presented themselves formerly. Inspired by the writings of Barthes and the work of Stezaker, this body is a study of photographic existence and the interconnections in which we share with our recorded family histories as beings who seek for a perception of identity.


One must not collapse in their territory and question the actuality of themselves. For this is the juncture in which it will all unfold. The fear of being out of line. The neurosis of not being good enough for somebody else. The phobia of not being able to succeed. The mania of losing everything. And these anxieties, amongst many others will continue to pursue your state of mind and grow its uncontrollable grasp. You must reclaim authority over your own perception. For it belongs to you and nobody nor nothing else. You are efficient and you will thrive. Do not bestow guilt for inapt doings of others, for this will bear with you throughout your being. Unnecessary sorrow can consume you. It can eliminate you. So, let go of that weight. And for the benefit of regret, talk.