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"Albino doesn't die, only disappear", this phrase has never made much sense as now. Some say it is the fault of healers, other organ trafficking mafia. But the truth is that the lack of information is the main culprit of the problems. People believe in the prophecy that says that if you have a piece of albinism carrier body (hands, feet or head) you'll have luck or money in life.

Since the end of 2014 albinos of Mozambique and Malawi have suffered several problems since kidnappings, murders, vandalized graves and a lot of discrimination. It all started in the country that borders the two countries, Tanzania. It is known that people with albinism people have suffered many problems in that area of Africa but cases started in Mozambique and Malawi after the Tanzanian government have done an outreach work and information that did reduce the problems, but on the other hand, increase the persecution of albinos in neighboring countries.

The albinos are called "money" or “bolada” (Business expression in Mozambique). Mozambique already has dozens of cases of kidnappings or murders reported in the last two years and the problems may have moved south geographically into the country. There have been recente in Massinga, Inhambane (case in 03-31-2017). In the case of Malawi there has already been more than 100 cases reported since January 2015 in a country has about 4,000 albinos. Police records show that 19 people with albinism have been killed since 2014, along with about 100 cases of abductions and attempted abductions. Mozambique has about one albino for every 16,000 inhabitants and has reported about almost 50 cases. Official data provided by the Government indicate that since 2015, some 47 albinos have been targets of attacks in Mozambique.