Project info

Originating from an internal restlessness, which seeks to challenge the given order of things while constantly rejecting the existential situation, I choose to oppose the sense of fortitude and calmness evoked by the thought of order and system. I place myself in the outer region of the familiar and the orderly; a displacement which allows to examine reality from an outside perspective, to deconstruct singular events in a new, alternative sequence.
Photography is my starting point; I am interested in how it serves as a juxtaposition between technology and the body. I engage with the material and tactile aspects of photography, which follow from its technical characteristics. In practice, my works often result from contradicting actions – bringing old photographs back to the laborious experimentation stage, printing photographs and consequently destroying and exploration of any medium requires ones' incessant betrayal of it.
My work reflects the contrast between my fears and my fragilities; actions of (de/re)construction aimed towards the unknown. Triggered by my fascination with the instability of reality, my practice attempts to remain open to the unpredictable. The bodies of work I create constantly draw from my surrounding; in them I appropriate imagery from different sources – newspapers, internet, my camera – to transform them into a new physical and tangible objects.
Recently, I use a scanner instead of a camera. I prefer its viewpoint. I give it the control and enjoy the unexpected results. Its helps me to open enlarge my understandings about things.