refugee children
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Children and young people are an integral part of the global refugee flow. Together with their parents, they flee from economic hardship, violence and wars. And the future of children is an important aspect within the decision to flee. That the escape for children is an enormous phsyse and psychological burden is out of the question. The reaction of the children is often more astonishing. A warm mash after a cold night outside in the port of Mytilini is enough for the luck. 2 balloons can be enough to turn a dusty path into a game meadow. And the presence of a photographer helps to forget that at this moment their future is decided about their heads.

But also many young people without escort are on the run. In the refugee stream, they are hardly perceptible and difficult to identify as a solo traveler. And like the 3 girls on one photo front they are pursuing the dangerous strategy of submerging in the crowd, not to be recognized and to remain invisible. The only form of protection is the group, in which they join and organize. The possession of the freedom and self-reliance gained during the flight can not be taken away by any adult. Because of this closeness and inaccessibility, ill-treatment and injuries inflicted on young people in their homeland or on the run are often undetected and unsuccessful.

Andreas Gleich 15.05.2017