"Faith: Divine Healing"
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Rudy was born in El Salvador, in a region called Ahuachapán. He came from a very humble family and at age three he contracted polio in both legs. Since childhood his mother encouraged him to use his mind and body as much as possible. Due to the economic constraints of the family, his development was not the most suitable. In many countries, the polio infection was the most common source of physical disability in children. It is caused by a virus that attacks parts of the spinal cord, damaging only the nerves that control movement. Rudy left El Salvador at the age of twelve, following that call to serve God. Without a wheelchair, there were many times when he had to make his way by crawling. He traveled throughout Central America alone by bus and ended up in Chiapas, Mexico. There, he met a lady who was selling tacos and she gave him his first wheelchair thus giving him the opportunity to move, starting his devotion as a Pastor. For many years he toured all the States of Mexico, bringing the word of God to the poor since, as evangelist and Christian, God has called him to do so. He carries out his work preaching and bringing the Gospel to all people with faith in God, who he professes, has the power to change, transform lives and hearts.