Life out of balance
Project info

Starting from the idea that “We do not see things as they are, we just see them as we are”. (El Talmud, La Aventura Espiritual) I look for the simplicity and beauty behind common life presenting them in a surreal form. Consistently, my photographs create a world where reality and fantasy meet and transform the familiar into something magical. Unconscious movements, energy, flow, and vibration will envelop the viewer allowing them to enjoy what is behind the obvious.

I am attracted to the theory that “Everything that is in the universe responds to a vibration”. (Temple, La Aventura Espiritual) My photographs have become the way that I choose to demonstrate it. Through my images, I want people to be aware of the positive, the beauty compelling them to live and not just exist. We are taking a tour, a journey in which we learn to express our maximum potential in this world. Subconsciously I have begun a journey to put color in the spectator’s world.

The essence of my work is intangible. Through it, I want to spread my energy and to demonstrate how magical the familiar can be. I want to abstract and enlarge my concept of reality. The material is tangible, and my challenge has been from the beginning to create “something” beyond the obvious; as Richard Bach said, “Do not believe what your eyes tell you, they only show us the limitations... look with understanding, discover what you already know and find the way to fly”. (La Aventura Espiritual)

My work is about the perception of life. I use photography as a tool to demonstrate that art is everywhere around us in familiar spaces. Through my photographs, I feel the possibility to engage the audience and teach them to enjoy and live intensely. “Living with intensity means living in connection with the universe, with the certainty and understanding that we are part of it and that we have a purpose to fulfill: the purpose to be happy”. (Temple, La Aventura Espiritual)