Children of Australia
Project info

I believe that our childhood is pure magic and adventure. However, in the pursuit of whatever our fulfilment might be as adults I think we lose that magic. Inspired by my work as a family portrait photographer, I began this series as a way to explore childhood through my lens. In doing so; lost in whimsical conversations that balance on the boundaries of the real and imagined, my hope is that I can re-capture some of that magic in my life today. I hope it helps me see the real wonder of the world around me, much better.

I also love how children connect empathetically; effortlessly sidestepping any adult notion of division. Through my ongoing work with this project I also hope to uncover a united, but diverse tapestry of children in the uniquely Australian landscape.

In my career as a portrait photographer I have often felt shackled by the studio, lights and the rules and regulations of the “proper” way of doing things. This project has become a way in which I break away from traditional and even (what can be called) professional portraiture techniques to truly connect with my young subjects. I want to allow them to take me into their world rather than attempt to confine them to mine and the camera acts as the only reasonable way to record our adventures.