El imaginario Real del Cuepo / The imaginary real of the body
Project info

My work is based on psychology, feeling fascination for questioning pre-established labels and paradigms. These are generating different ways of seeing reality without prejudice; Betting on an evolution of consciousness and thinking.
To achieve this, I first draw on an events documentation without subjective intervention under a glance that seeks to paint the light projects the essence hidden in the nature of everyday life.
Subsequently deepen the unconscious, reflecting the dream. Playing with the form and the sense of things, experimenting with the times, the revelation, the forms and the color that generate that atmosphere of the possible, introducing photos that exalt the imagination, betting on a unique way of being of each individual... Inspiring it to create their own meaning of the apparent, where these attributes and its meaning can build their own solutions to contemporary unrest.
There is no obvious situation, my works are an invitation to feel and think beyond what it seems. "Sometimes the cure can be crazy"