Where The Tokyo Skytree Stands
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From one part of collection called "Where The Skytree Stands" of my work.
This series takes the new lead of Tokyo, Tokyo Skytree. The Tower, full height of 634.0 meters (2,080 ft), is the tallest tower and the second tallest self-supporting structure in the World.

There are a lot of architecture that was memorized as a landmark all over the world, such as Statue of Liberty of New York, Eiffel Tower of Paris, Works of Antoni Gaudi of Barcelona, Great Wall of China and the Great Pyramid of Giza of Cairo.

Landmark is the representative construction of the city or a nation as visual memory. They are standing out conspicuously outstanding and uniquely extraordinary in contrast with its surroundings. It may be just a symbol and image of the city or a nation for most people. However, whether you are resident or non-resident in the city, it could be something special.