Die lewe is nie reg vir my nie
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During Apartheid in South Africa, coloured people (a term referring to people of mixed race during that period) were sent to remote and impoverished neighborhoods due to racial segregation. Criminal activities increased and as a result, groups of men took on the role of police officers. These groups of policemen that arose during Apartheid have evolved to groups of gangsters since then.
Schauderville is a small district in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and has the most gang-related activities. Therefore it is one of the most dangerous places in Port Elizabeth.

Farren van Wyk (1993) was born in Port Elizabeth and studied this gangster culture from inside.
She chose to omit her preformed knowledge about the gangster culture. The Cambo 4x5” large format camera gave her the space and time to let there be a dialog. In this way she got to know the people better.
She portrayed Schauderville and its people by looking at who they are and not at what these people have done.
She discovered a positive and more humane side in a district where gang wars are part of the daily life.