The Sacrifice Zone; A Photo Documentary of Protests During the Trump Administration
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Donald Trump and his administration have set out to dismantle our democracy. As our rights are being denied, many of us are falling into a metaphorical 'Sacrifice Zone.' These are literally geographic areas permanently impaired by environmental damage or economic disinvestment, commonly found in low income and minority communities. I am documenting the protests against Trump and his administration in order to show how the resistance is bringing people together to rebuild a vibrant democracy.

Within the first 117 days of Trump’s administration, there have been more protests than during any previous administration, and his popularity rating which is below 39%, is lower than any previous President in history during the same time period. Under his leadership, civil rights including women’s reproductive rights, gender equality, health insurance, taxes, immigration, the environment, education, and freedom of speech are being compromised.

More large scale protests are being organized in the coming weeks and months. I will be covering the RESISTMARCH, previously known as PRIDE, on June 11th and the IMPEACH MARCH on July 2nd, both being held in Hollywood. As of today, due to Trump's alleged breach of national security information to the Russians, the future of his presidency is unknown.