Train Project-Taiwan
Project info

"Train Project" is originated from the expressions of individuals in the crowds who were shot under the condition of relaxation and defenselessness. The shooting was performed by using high-speed flashlight directly lightening the carriages of fast moving trains and capture the expressions of passengers through windows impartially without interfering passengers. It studies the movement postures of Taiwan passengers in the different confined space by using typology methods to gather the states of passengers in fast moving carriages and classifying various appearances and internal spaces of Taiwan trains in different framing methods of single window and successive windows. In the photos, the passengers’ standing or sitting postures, in crowded or loose distributions, their expressions of sometimes reading, dazing, playing mobile phones, or looking towards the lens, and fuzzy scenery in the carriages, mixed with the elements such as the passing of time, the limitation of public space and unconscious portraits, derived the topics such as a discussion on the relationship between the photographers and the passengers being shot, class consciousness of the public space, contemporary documentary and the boarders between reality and virtuality. It seemed the viewers could enter the hallucination of the passengers through the thin layer of carriage surface and speed with the train, into the darkness of the unknown.