Football for blind people : listening to the ball
Project info

This work is about the cécifoot or football for blind people, I decided to make a documentary to show that a visual handicap is not a barrier to the practice of sport. The rules of the cécifoot are adapted to the visual handicap of the players and allow them to fully enjoy the football.

Here are some notable differences with traditional football

- A team is composed of 4 field players and a goalkeeper.
- Players are helped with voice guidance by three sighted guides: the goalkeeper, the coach and a third guide behind the opponents cage.
- the inside of the ball is equipped with bells allowing players to spot it in space.
- the cecifoot is also based on the communication between players, there is a verbal code to follow
- each field player wears a blindfold hiding his eyes to ensure a strict equality between each, indeed some may have residual vision.