A long way – Open your eyes
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There are moments in our lives, in wich we loose some of our most solid certainties. In these moments we feel so small and lonely. Our Self crumble away, and we feel lost in the dark.
But in the long term, when the sorrow begins to calm down, this implosion of the Ego can turn into a great opportunity: we can discover a lot of new things, that normally we can't perceive because we're too concentrated on ourselves and on our millions things to do. So we have to try to open our eyes to catch all these wonderfull graduated shading, not only in things around us, but averall in the people next to us.
Of course it's a long way, at the beginning we're just stuck in our endless secret rooms (picture 1), and digging deeply inside, it seems like all we can see are trash and ruins, nothing to save (picture 2). But there's a little voice that after some times whispers to us that we havo to walk away from the dark of this tunnel (picture 3), that we have to go out to breathe new air and search a light (picture 4). Although this consciousness raising, the way can still be long and hard: sometimes we feel like we're lost in the memory labirinth (picture 5), or overwhelmed by a strong waves of emotions (picture 6), because it's difficult to throw off some frame of mind and some old and heavy legacy.
But we have to go on, and be patient, because gradually this black clouds will go away (picture 7), and step by step we'll notice that there's a wold around us (picture 8), full of light, and friends (picture 9) that can give us unexpected emotions and teach us new points of view from where to admire the world (picture 10). Because friendship, and love, are the greatest richness!