Project On The Move
Project info

All photographs I'm submitting is part a project I started on the 10th of April 2017 (My Birthday) called 'ON THE MOVE' where I make photographs from inside a moving vehicle, be it a car, train, bicycle, etc... The project is still new and these are some of the photographs I've made to date.

The idea behind the project might be simple, but usually those are the ideas worth pursuing. When I drive somewhere I think of either of the following. The destination OR my life and future plans. I get stuck in traffic and sit in anger anxious to get home. I miss what is happening around me, because I am too busy looking and thinking forward. This is why I love making these photographs. They give me a glimpse in the life of a by-passer. I don't know any of these people, but by looking at these photographs I can imagine their life. I can see them in the moment doing what they do.

These photographs might not be the sharpest and some might be blurry. I don't care. As long as the emotions are strong and the story is there, the rest is up to you as the viewer to use your imagination. I personally love the blurriness of these photographs because it adds to the theme of the project, which on a basic level, is movement.

This is my first photography related project and will be an ongoing project until I decide to stop.

Thanks in advance for this opportunity and hope to get some feedback on these photographs.

Have a blissful day.

Kind Regards,
Willie Britz