The Serenity of Chaos
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Those faces are all muted and obscured within the blandly boring city fabric. Their original whereabouts are always undivulged. They came to the new deserted city from different backgrounds, cities, cultures, and civilizations.

Most of them speak the local accent or tongue thinking that they will be more prepared to fit in. The rush of the daytime city gives them no room to rest, while the hush of the evening and nighttime gives them so much of it to camouflage.

Their heartfelt cities are being lost in death, destruction, arrogance, and terror. They are always thinking about either getting back, or rolling over to other new destinations.

The city's old insider though keeps feeling that his presence is being ripped off by the new comers. Along time ago, most of today's insiders either came from the other opposite bank or the desert. Amongst all that, the city keeps rounding about the same stories; stories that are either part of their history or of those new comers.

This series tries to act as a catharsis of all the negatives vibes, feelings, and motives that surrounded the journey of many ostracized souls that left their homes looking for a new safe haven and documents their "La Vie Quotidienne" in an organic way.

The photos were shot in the old districts of Amman namely Downtown, Jabal Amman, Jabal Alwebdeh and the old citadel area.