Field labour in the Mekong Delta
Project info

From 1999 to 2001, I have been living in the Mekong Delta (Vietnam, working for development cooperation. I was one of the first foreigner (although born in Saigon). During two years, I have been living with the seasons, with the rice growth and in harmony with the tides of the Mekong.
The delta is famous for his floating markets but for me, the Delta was the field labour, the long flood plain between Cao Lanh and Sadec.
The inhabitants and the farmers were familiar with my face and my motorbike
(I spent every day on the tracks). So, I had lucky to spent some time with them and to watch her labour.

These pictures are scan of negative film. I have waited more than 15 years to share these project. Why ? Strange, perhaps the Delta in as many years will have changed and perhaps my pictures will be just memories.