Project info

I visited Cuba last February and i realized these photographs by exploring and travel by myself, guided by people known directly in cities i was visiting; in this way i had the possibility to deep in the part of Cuba less known and more "intimate", that perhaps expresses more the essence.
These photographs represent a part of my personal project realized in Cuba, that i called "Marlin", inspired to one of the character of "The Old Man And The Sea" by Hemingway.
Marlin swims in the Caribbean sea and it is the desired prey of many fishermen; one day he had a great fight with one of them. Marlin transmits strength and resignation at the same time. Like Marlin, Cuba is an aspired destination by many Countries and it has a troubled past with America and with my photographs i would like to transmit the idea that Cuba evoked to me, i.e. i would like to bring to light its colours, the hope and the awareness that sharks are often just around the corner.