Haredi revolution: Lag ba'Omer in Bnei Brak
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Over the last decades, Haredi Judaism in Israel has been experiencing a rise in vitality and influence. Beyond Tel Aviv alternative culture lies Bnei Brak, a Haredi stronghold. Lag ba'Omer (thirty third day of the barley harvest count) commemorates the death of Talmudic sage Simon bar Yochai. The day breaks the mourning of the "omer" time and is a time of joy, bonfires and pilgrimage to the site of Simon bar Yochai's grave in Meron, in the north of Israel. Recently it has become a celebration of Haredi strength. I am an ex-haredi and fully understand the importance of the Lag ba'Omer celebrations and decided to photograph erev Lag ba'Omer in Bnei Brak. Photography is not encouraged in the community for religious reason. The series presented here is part of a larger documentary on the "unseen" Israel.