Their voices
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Their voices is an immersion into the world of the Inuits and embrace Inuits children’s powerful emotions and innovative views on their current reality in the face of climate change.
The creation of workshops at the Uummannaq Children’s Home an orphanage for lost children led to record their views on the threats to the fragile ecosystem, heritage and the underscore efforts they are undertaking to adapt and save their traditional culture.
Hidden face is a work the melting ice in Greenland. I sailed into the Sermeq Kujalleq glacier at ILULISSAT to see and capture those ice monsters. They are not speaking, they seem not moving, they are only floating and cracking in silence next to you. They are only the half that you can see. What happens underneath? A mysterious and impressive monster, could I guess? I was photographing these icebergs to show their anger and desire to stay where they stand for.