The Mekong
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"Reopening of Laos in 1988: I found the country I left thirteen years ago in the din of war. Before me: the Mekong. This is the river along which I was born, in which I waded through one night in 1975 to reach the refugee camps in Thailand and seek asylum in France. Emotions run down on me like the tropical rain, compelling, wholesome, all-powerful."

“The Mekong: Stories of Man,” is a result of 15 years of work. Traveling up the river on a 4,200 km stretch from the delta in Vietnam all the way to the river’s source in Tibet, photographer Lâm Duc Hiên returns to the waters that colored his childhood, and weaves his own personal story through that of the river’s inhabitants who he encounters along the banks. Through this intimate journey, another story emerges: the destiny of the river. The exploration is done on a human scale, and pays tribute to a people and the culture that unites them.