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Immigration is rarely the only option for people. Administrative power - which may be local or universal power - does not have much choice when people begin to interfere with their freedom and their living space.

Migration; At the same time, the educated Turks, who bear responsibility for the future of their children, are also engaging in the agenda. Living in Turkey for years; The economic crises, the artificial political tense atmosphere created, the problems in the field of education and health, the interventions in the living spaces of people, the conscious and forced migration option for qualified people who are looking for more qualified life and want to go. While Turkey and Istanbul received a considerable number of unqualified immigrants; Qualified and educated people.
These photos; Shows that Istanbul's demographic structure has transformed into a form that is more dissociated and does not want to know each other. The negative social changes of refugees from the Syrian and other parts of the war; It makes the stress even deeper.

The dynamics of life in Istanbul's gettos are now determined by strangers, not by the locals of that region. In the same region, there are wealthy immigrants and their demands that dominate the region along with the families living in poverty. While one part of the saint gave the war of life, the other part; Riches and their trends. Barrels, barbers, dry cleaners or tobaccos in the neighborhood; It determines the commercial attitude and supply in the direction of the needs of the affluent people. After all, everything is actually an economic dimension.

In regions where wealthy immigrants live intensely, mechanisms are now functioning according to the Arab character, not the Turkish character. Consumption trends, best-selling products, or almost all of the new needs are shaped by the needs of wealthy immigrants. The music played in the head, the tone of the served cup, the shine of the shoe is now shaped by Arab taste. Even the signposts are now Arabic .. The political power of the country is also causing this. There's a political boss who has turned his face from the west to the east.

What I am trying to show in these photos is not an orientalist or alaturca situation but something stripped off any personality and character. Turks who are aware of these, try to understand it, and the ones who are not aware of this, seem to have adopted into it right away. While all these are happening, the so called white Turks still consume expensive French wine and consume expensive food. Wealthy Turks, seem to be carrying on with their life styles while not being aware of the political trend bringing the two extreme ends in the heart of Istanbul.

The group trying to make a living with their minimum salary, has its own living problems and this pushes them in a corner where they do not respond to this situation any more. With all these issues Istanbul still welcomes all these different groups coming from different cultural and economic background. The poor immigrants live in shabby houses and they beg on the streets while the wealthy ones spend time time in trendy places taking selfies against Istanbul scene.

Uskudar, Kadıköy, Eminönü and Karaköy docks, which are the sea-side squares of Istanbul, welcome guests at every new day..
Street musicians, child beggars, dancers gypsy children, balloon sellers on the rocks, unemployed watching the sea on the breakwater, teenagers who want to stay alone with their girlfriends. Ordinary people who try to catch up with the business every day, and street vendors who have a place for them. All of the dock's guests.