Yoga. Not perfect.
Project info

With this series, I wish to reinterpretate "yoga pictures" all together.
Search the internet for "yoga pictures" and you will find almost identical pictures of perfect poses shot silhoutte like up against perfect places to be (eg the beach at sunset). It is almost as if the ordinay yoga posing person willingly disapears from the real world, from his or her own body, into this kliche of The Pose and The Place.

In the series submitted here of Stina, who is a yoga teacher, I wanted to explore espeicially two things:
Spatiality: I used a wide angle lens, 16mm on a 35 mm camera, to create a stronger three dimentional experience, almost P.O.V. of a body at work and play.
Personality. I wanted to depict Stina as the unique person she is, so the proces, not just finalizing poses, was impotant. I was really happy to catch the in-between and even quirky moments that is also part of her yoga practise.