Hit me baby one more time
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Returning regurlarly in Hungary the Luxembourg photographer Patrick Galbats continues his biographical quest on his Hungarian ancestors. His immersion in this part of his family, which never left Hungary, confronts him with history, the Nazi past and the revival of nationalism.
By photographing the seemingly melancholic landscapes and the cute interiors he points out through the photographic lens the signs and symbols that destabilize the autobiographical narration.
The visual survey in the past that began first with certain lightness confronts increasingly a reality today. Furthermore his images, which appear neutral at first, evidence through a series of suggestive details the rising nationalist and fascist nostalgia.
Without focusing directly on the hot topics, by evoking some latent tension, he is able through this shifted photographic research to address the themes of identities, nationalities, immigration and refugees in a very particular way.
(written by Paul di Felice)