ex Mira Lanza
Project info

Ex-Mira Lanza is a large industrial area near the Tiber, born in 1899 to produce soap, able to cross the History of Rome during the 20th century: I and II World War, the birth and fall of the Soap Industry in Italy, the abandonment of the site. Some buildings were restored in the last years and host the India Theater and Italian Red Cross, but most of them remained unused. Some other parts of the structure was occupied for housing emergency issues, evacuated put on fire in 2014 and notwithstanding it was a destroyed place, full of garbage and debris, it can be considered one of the best industrial archaeological site in Rome. In 2016 a french artist, Julien Malland a.k.a. Seth, was required to work in some buildings belonging to the restored India Theater, instead was attracted from the abandoned part and decided to draw attention to what he considered a form of vandalism towards such symbol of our history. He realized “Range ta chambre” (“clean up your room”), a series of wallpaintings and installations integrated with burned objects, collapsed rooms, garbage, shit, where he represents various form of vandalism, against humanity (“Macedonia”, “Lampedusa”), History (“Palmyra”) and Culture. Today it is an unofficial museum, managed by a gipsy family, in which you can enter by a gap in the network surroundings the site, defined as “a schizophrenic place as the world we live in”. These images witness how that space seems to be experimenting a second abandonment,a second wave of vandalism, this time against Art.