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Project info

Nahia, who is 10 years old, is starting to read fairytale books, especially Alice in Wonderland and Alice seen through the mirror of Lewis Carroll. These books have an influence on her in the way she plays with her little sister Nora.
One Sunday morning when I was going by the living room, I observed 10 year old Nahia with her little sister of five laying on the carpet speaking together as if they were inside a fairy tale. I tried to be very discreet and not interrupt that moment. I remember that the night before, Nahia had been reading a book before going to bed, and I asked myself if Nora and I would be able to understand the adventures that she has in her head today, and if she must look for a white rabbit and make him ridiculous questions, or trap a walking watch that is escaping"

This is a project about my two daughters Nahia, who is 10 years old and Nora who is 5. Made in the city of Bilbao, in the north of Spain. I started working on it a year ago but it isn't finished yet. It is a long-term project with the purpose of documenting the passing of the years from childhood to the teens. How their behavior is, mainly after the separation of their parents. How all these experiences affect them.
Being a long-term work.
It's a close and inside work about the daily life together, from the privileged point of view as the father and photographer of the two girls.