Project info

I learned my way around a camera from my high school architectural drafting teacher. That opened up access for me to get closer to the school cheerleaders and sporting events. As I grew comfortable, I liked the attention a camera could elicit from my subject and began to understand how to make images versus taking pictures.

As I went about making images of everyday New Yorkers--a lingere store owner, a historian, a teacher, a curator--I discovered a process for moving my subject out of their preconceived ideas and expectations for how a portrait should look. It begins with a conversation with my subject so we are on the same page. My goal is to capture the essence of a person in an image they are proud of.

The need to distinguish my images from others has fueled my drive to make them revealing of the individual in front of the lens. In creating Reflections, that goal became for my images to bring to mind all that each person represents to society and to teach viewers about iconic Americans who made significant contributions to our shared history.

Photography has been a pathway for me to step up, stand out, and excel. My passion for learning has granted me the strength to push boundaries.

Creating work that makes the viewer laugh, or cry, or think, may motivate him or her to be a better person. I view my photography as my gift to the world so we never forget those who made it possible for all of us to dream, teach, grow and to achieve anything we set our minds to.