Corpus Trilogy
Project info

This is my photographic research about the corporeity of dance interpreters.

What is the participation of performers in the ephemeral arts and in the work of other authors?

In order to answer this question, it is necessary to consider that these artists bring their techniques, gestures, experiences, singular traces and histories, in short, their corporeality, beyond the anatomy of their bodies.
To highlight the work of the interpreters and their potential
To give an individual "color", to appropriate and transform the work according to their ways of feeling, acting and perceiving the world, Corpus photographic series dissect and expose these bodies in three different ways: Empreintes, Contours and Toile.

Toile is the starting point of my research. With a game of projection on the dancers, the photos in this series lead us to reflect about the importance and the contribution of the interpreters to the choreographic creations.
Like a canvas, the body is seen here as an essential medium used for artistic expression, considering this living support already has its own materials and textures.

Contours - The lines and the silhouettes of the bodies, in black and white, give to see another dimension of this study. We take a look at their forms and what is at the boundary between the inside and the outside of an artist. These lines, the physical limits materialized by the skin, stronger or subtle depending on the photos, contain or overflow the emotions of the dancers.

Empreintes - Reliefs fixed in time, result of a movement at a precise moment in contact with the veil. Volumes that have a life of their own and that eventually identify, in the absence of bodies, the peculiarities of the dancer.