Project info

Arriving in New York from Memphis in the summer of 1970, I was overwhelmed by the look of New York city - graffiti, rubble, burned out buildings, great music clubs - and of course 42nd Street with its peep shows and dive bars. The layers of grit gave the city an added depth. To me, it was wonderful. Maybe because of that, I’ve always viewed the city through a black and white filter - little films noir.

With these images I want viewers to experience the theatricality of New York’s social landscape. I found no two people or locations to be the same. Every interaction with the camera was different. Some images are quiet, some playful, some seem to shout at you, but I find them all to have a beauty specific to this city.

Paraphrasing a description of New York in the film "":
To me, no matter what the season, NY is still a town that exists in black and white and pulsates to the great tunes of George Gershwin. New York is my town, and it always will be.