Project info

Burano is a small island close to Venice (Italy). Many international journals include Burano among the top 10 most colorful cities in the world and in fact this is a bit its main feature. Why are the houses so colorful? Some say that once it served to define the properties (different family - different color), others say that bright colors serve to fishermen to find their home in the presence of fog, which in Burano in some periods of the year is particularly dense.With its colors the island recalls the atmospheres of South American cities that have inspired photographers all over the world. As you might guess Burano is constantly flooded by tourists who, with their presence, inevitably alter the natural beauty of the island. The purpose of my project on Burano is to show the intrinsic beauty of the island by focusing my attention on the daily activities of inhabitants and providing a different point of view on this highly photographed island.

Having started as a painter has definitely influenced my style. I think I'm attracted to silhouettes and shadows, that characterize my photographic language and this project in particular, as they make more graphic and pictorial the reality I describe with my works. The depersonalization caused by the silhouettes of the protagonists of my photos contributes, in my intentions, to enhancing the details and color strokes that the games of light and shadows let you glimpse, helping the observer to catapult himself in this beautifully colored planet.

Talking about planets, in addition to remembering the name of the island, the name of the project (B-Uranus) wants, with a play of words, declaring the will to go very far from the usual collective imaginary about the island.