4 AM
Project info

A man with a cigarette, a black-haired woman, a dark silhouette ... It is 4 AM. Everything is about to change.

The following day in the newspaper, a sordid headline catches my attention in the "faits-divers" section. Curiosity comes over me. An entire series of images pop into my head when trying to imagine: what could possibly have led these people into such a hopeless situation? Tragedy thrills us. It teases the voyeur who lies dormant within us, vicariously craving emotion and sensation.

4 AM is a fiction based on real-life events. However these photographs do not focus on cold facts but rather the missing images, telling the story of these protagonists left for dead. Without corps nor crime to support the chain of events, each viewer gives life to the different characters and gradually writes his own scenario. ...and hopefully comes to realize there is always more to a story than a catchy headline.