Private exposure
Project info

Me and my wife had our first baby few weeks ago. As each father, I felt full of happiness and wanted to share the good news to the world, showing portraits of her...I started to post a few pics of my baby girl on my personal facebook page. But few hours later, I started to have a doubt about it, remembering of the dangers of internet and social networks : "the web never forgets", "the web is full of pedopornographer", and so on...
I remembered reading that, "the French Government in 2016 warned parents to stop posting images of their children on social media networks.
Under France's rigorous privacy laws, parents could face penalties of up to a year in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros ($65,500) if convicted of publishing intimate details of their children without their consent."

That's how I decided to create this project, focusing on these issues. How could I document and share, in a safer way, pictures of our little girl without exposing her? How to deal with privacy in a world in which sharing is like breathing? How to be sure my own baby girl won't be mad at me in a few years seing that I shared the first hours of her life without her consent?