Coal: fragments of energy and life
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Sun, Earth, energy, and life: a history carved in rock.

Coal is our main source of energy, and also the most polluting. Fortunately in the last few years humans are developing technologies to obtain more clean energy out of coal, that mitigate its harmful environmental effect.
But mainly, it is a legacy of Earth's past, written in black fragments of his bowels. They preserve the energy that plants captured from the Sun 200 million years ago, converted into chemical energy kept intact until today.
It is an heritage of energy, generously bequeathed by our planet. Very often we have been ungrateful, and have simply pulled it out of the ground to burn, without a second look at the medium- and long-term consequences for its health.
Pieces of energy and life, located in tiny corners of our microcosm, expressed in my captures as minuscule traces that tell us about extinct plant species, buried among its rich funerary treasures: the vital energy obtained from the particles carrying sunlight.
And are again the quanta of light, ones that when they impact on these traces, reveal us the suggestive microlandscapes narrate us this important story carved in rock.