Paris Shadows under the Rain
Project info

Cities have a life of their own. Cities live and breathe. And at rainy nights the cities become mystical. I don’t know the reason but always the dark roads, rain, shiny city lights become a passion to me. I chase the shadows under the rain since 25 years, chasing the reflection giving me extra energy, extra fun while having the photos. I have no idea why I am feeling this passion, why I am in love with this dark black roads and infinite white shinny lights but I am in chase of it and still looking for it where ever I am going.
Under the Rain the night becomes lively like music you heard in a depth of silence. In a city people become the blood flowing effortlessly on its busy wet streets, quiet parks, astute museums, and silent shinny buildings. If people are a city’s blood, the wet roads are its veins carrying that all too precious blood.
This is an ever-growing portrait of the dark and shiny roads of la belle Paris. Happiness, fun is like an electric on my body when I am there at the busy rainy streets, lonely cul-de-sacs, or at the Metro. This roads are embodying the history take the people of Paris to their awaited destinations, to the loved and the shunned, to unexpected possibilities.
Wet Roads with shiny lights signify hope and apprehension for a destination. That destination is never there, but a desire to reach that place springs from the roads. People come and go, but the desire always stays.
The roads of Paris are at times dark, at times shiny, but always playful and fun. With the night and rain, This is a stage of lights, of shadows, and of reflections that never never tire to improvise. This is a portrait chasing the shadows under the rain.