Another Face
Project info

“Another Face” is a series of photos with which I aim to portray the complexity of our personalities. I aim to show the different faces that we consist of by the use of multiple reflections in mirrors and other reflective surfaces. The distortions and reflections are never constructed in Photoshop, but always by working with multiple reflections in vivo.

I believe we can perceive ourselves as puzzles consisting of bricks and pieces that form us when all put together: In a biological perspective we were conceived by the fusion of a cell from our mother and a cell from our father that both contained billions of pieces of genetic material from each one of our forefathers. Psychologically our personality consists of different memories and feelings that we have experienced and felt throughout our life: Our heritage and cultural norms make up the foundation upon which we are built and our life experiences and relationships to different people continue to shape our personality by adding bricks to the foundation.

We tend to show our different faces to different people depending on the setting, the situation, and the type of people we are with. Hence, we have to be aware that there is usually more to another person’s personality and history than that which is exposed at first sight.