The Shape of Cold
Project info

We are explorers.”.....careful and respectful words spoken to us at our briefing by our Antarctica XXI tour leader. Antarctica is a place where Nature reigns, and here - we are at the mercy of her changing moods.

Our planned departure in the February of 2014 to the Southern Polar Circle was delayed for two days due to the weather conditions preventing our plane landing at Frei Station, King George Island in the South Shetland Islands. Journeys to this powerful and magnificent part of the planet are totally in Nature’s hands; hands which continuously sculpt the shape of cold.

I live my life as an explorer... an adventurer. I am an explorer of experience. I am an adventurer into the unknown. I embrace my life with courage, inquisitiveness, reverence and love. I explored through my camera not only the environment through which I sailed and walked, but also my own nature; as I breathed the pristine blue air on this incredible journey in Antarctica.

As a photographer, I hear through my eyes. I am an observer. I listen to my inner response to what I see through my lens. I feel what I see. When I am using my camera – to me, nothing else matters. I am observing my surroundings and my own response to what I see. Using my camera allows me to focus on living in any moment. Photography is an avenue through which I explore the unknown - both of the world, and of myself.

The shape of cold exposes itself in an environment where no indigenous peoples could say it was their home. These shapes began to reveal to me the nature of this profoundly exquisite and powerful place, and speak to me in a way where the alluring whispers keep calling me to return.