Where do they go?
Project info

I live my life as an explorer... an adventurer. I am an explorer of experience. I am an adventurer into the unknown. I embrace my life with courage, inquisitiveness, reverence and love. I explore with my camera not only the environment through which I pass; but also my own nature.

I have been privileged to travel to some of the most remote, exquisitely beautiful areas of our planet.

As a photographer, I hear through my eyes. I am an observer. I listen to my inner response to what I see through my lens. I feel what I see. When I am using my camera – to me, nothing else matters. I am observing my surroundings, and my own response to what I see. Using my camera allows me to focus on living in any moment. Photography is an avenue through which I explore the unknown of both the world and of myself.

Swimming with the whales in Tonga was life changing. I felt a sense of connection and communion with them which cannot be articulated. These are some photographs of moments I experienced with these beautiful animals which spoke to me so deeply.