Flower trough the desert
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A Portrait of a Naples Suburb
Scampia, is a suburb that lies to the north of the southern Italian city of Naples.
My photography project aims to be a photographic insight into the people who despite the still significant lack of opportunities and a deprived economical situation, refuse to be defined by Scampia’s past, and throughout arts and sport activities they colour their moments of beauty through the grey of this deprived suburb
It was built as a bedroom district developed in the late 1970’s to accommodate thousands of low income families.
Around an hundred thousands of families live flocked together in dilapidated tower blocks. Most of the citizens accommodated within Scampia survive on limited incomes living within so deprived conditions. Economic deprivation joined with a strong lack of social services has been a breeding ground for criminal organizations. During the 1990’s and early 2000’s the area was home to one of the most ferocious criminal gang of Italy. This period in Scampia’s history was inspiration for the TV series Gomorrah, and left the area known worldwide stereotypically as ‘The Hell of Naples’.
During recent years Scampia has begun to be regenerated. Over the last decade, dozens of associations working on social and educational activities have been born. Where there were squares littered with drug dealers, today there are football fields, theatres, cultural and social centers. .