Santana Wedding
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"Nacimiento, boda, o un entierro," I asked. He, a culturally indigenous Zapotecan and me, a tall gringa with decent Spanish. Happy to share, he nodded and scribbled two addresses on a piece of paper. Teotitlan del Valle is a small village of approximately 6,000 people in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. Founded in 1465, it retains the rich Zapotec culture and language known throughout the state.

Given the addresses for both bride and groom, I walked to opposite ends of town and introduced myself. The groom, a farmer from Southern California, had returned home to marry his childhood sweetheart.

With my considered Spanish and a willingness to taste everything presented, I was in. For three full days, I followed the couple and their families as they exchanged traditional food and drink, performed cultural anointments and blessings, and celebrated well into the night.
Captured in both black & white and color, presented is the black & white story.