Frozen Streets
Project info

With Belgium as his base, Jack now travels all around the world to catch his images to create his Art-works. Jack specializes in the blending of various moments & subjects into one single photograph. Architecture, people, street scenes mixed with daily life, night photography combined with long exposures, urban scenes... landscapes … traveling, these are his keywords in photography. Buildings don’t move but people all the time, the light changes every hour, the traffic stops and rolls on, a city breathes day and night, noise against silence. C’est la vie. Jack mixes all these normal daily life things into one photo, in a series called ‘Frozen Streets’. A series with no end, a series you can read as a story with your own imagination. The moments of life frozen in single shots. His ‘Frozen Streets’ are his way to communicate with the world through photography. “every day there are moments of life to capture in different environments and different surroundings”