The Heroes
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Who heroes are?
By an historical point of view we used to think they are divinities, warriors or leader with both physical and mental skills too far from the human ones.
In 2016, we can see them in movie productions as demi-gods with their colourful armours , wielding shining shields and very technological weapons, fighting wars for saving the world.
Since we are children, everyone wants to become an hero. But when we grow up this dreams slowly falls down. As a matter of fact we think , as adults do, that heroes doesn’t exist…
But they really exist, even if they haven’t got any supernatural power nor weapons…
What they actually do, is saving every year lots of children thanks to their skills which are used for the poorest , outcast and so on …
They are Physicians who have been working for 25 year in the treatment of congenital malformations in children from Bangladesh. Here infant mortality under 5 years old is 8,9% (mostly for Pneumonia and Gastroenteritis). In this country is also available one Physician per 10.000 inhabitants. In villages wizards have this role. There are hospitals only in the biggest cities and most of them has only 1 bed per 3500 inhabitants. 70% of the population ( 170 millions) lives with less then 2 dollars a day. Health in Bangladesh should be theoretically public. Actually it is a paid service, because you have to buy all you need for surgery.
If you don’t have enough money, none can help you.
Often this means death.