Closing of a Dream
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“Closing of a Dream” by Alberto Mesirca

After 86 years and more than 13 million cars the Opel car factory in Antwerp (Belgium) closed its doors on 2010 laying off more than 2600 workers, not counting the suppliers.
Victim of the financial crisis of 2008, when the European car market dropped more than 1.5 millions vehicles sold, the site is 237ac including 84ac of buildings.
In this ghost landscape traces of former lives and activities are apparent, but the faces of the people whom they belong to are lost.
This vast area is now a soulless grey desert where nature is slowly making inroads reclaiming the vast expanses adding splashes of green and yellow on the uniform industrial canvas.
I would like to explore in this work the relationships between the different colors representing the past (grey) and the future (green, yellow) and between the movement of the lines, straight and organic.