A to B
Project info

I love street photography. The images I most often see these days filed under the category of street are clever images of subjects caught at the perfect moment. They nearly all have what I can only describe as a hook, a punchline, if you will. The project under which I submit these images was originally called Street, but I have since reconsidered that title because the category has moved on considerably since the traditional practitioners of the genre such as Henri Cartier-Bresson and Vivian Maier, and I feel that many will regard these images as far too mundane to satisfy the contemporary street designation.
I prefer to think of them as observations of the public space, usually, but not always, involving human interaction. But always involving a reflection of humanity in some way or another, be it in our creativity, our absurdity, or some other aspect of our presence. These images are like a collection of sights I might encounter on a journey, from A to B. Not necessarily arresting, but revelatory in some small measure, I hope.